Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hi, and I'm very pleased with your responses to last nights lab (Ensemble communication, how do we sense ensemble weight-sharing, etc).  In my past experience w/ ensemble work/play I've leaned a lot towards direct imitation of each other.  This shift away from self towards the Other(s) seems to be an instinctual mode for us humans (all those mirror-neurons...!)  "Imitation is love." - Jean Genet, French dramatist

We walked amongst each other, stopped and were helped deliciously to the floor.  I, too, love being able to fall/collapse (is there a word for such mutual-assisted collapsing?) into my backspace all the way down.  What a gift to give and receive.

We then collapsed solo trying to mirror the quality, timing of the others.  Then in small groups, trying to add elements of composition.  I observed this mostly and noticed individual choices effects on group behavior.  What elements come to your mind, when you move and "compose" spontaneously?  I consider space, time, energy, as well as, dramatic elements of relationship, character, objective, etc. 

Group lean towards center is due for more exploration.  As we began to lean away and hold each other up and together, someone said, "fascia".  We seemed to really find some ensemble listening meat here, so to speak...  Has everyone seen the video Michal shared last winter?  Michal, can you find and post again, or is it on here?  I'd love to explore ways to make this "breathe", less continuous tension. 

We lay our bodies down and breathed.  Breathed together, shifted position on the exhale, and moved into an open improv.

Here's my main question I left with:  How did I edit my choices to stay connected to the ensemble?
I do hope to see you all next Monday!
- Christian