Monday, February 5, 2018

Imagining an Ensemble Spectrum?

Let's play an exercise in subjective absurdity...
If I was to imagine a dance "Ensemble Spectrum" both ends might have a group of dancers in a space not obviously relating to each other.  Let's say the spectrum gauges one's sense of interconnectedness from 0 > 100%.  (For the sake of simplicity let there be no sound/music playing and movers are silent as well.)

From inside the mind of one participant they might feel zero connection to anyone else in the room > the other end where they feel 100% connected to everyone but are not outwardly showing any relationship(s).

If this group were moving in complete unison, would that be placed in the middle of the spectrum?   If so, then this moment of unison shall put the dancers in a circle, moving or perhaps in stillness, without an apparent leader.  The simplicity of this moment rests on the attention of the dancers to any slight change in the shared movement experience.  All are equal to the whole.  As soon as one dancer leaves this moment of unison possibilities of relationship and more complexity arise.  Is there a "gravitational" pull toward this unison point within the group, as well as a pull toward complexity?

Are there prearranged parameters or a score that the group is working with?

(whew.... is my brain getting stretched??)
More soon, and/or how in some comments, y'all!   - Christian