Monday, April 28, 2014

Lab Luck Notes 4/28

Thanks to Alex for hosting!

May 5 to June 16 with the next lab luck on June 23rd. 
There will then be a 3-week mini-session before Orcas TBD at the next lab luck. 

1. Lisa
2. Mike
3. Scott
4. Cyrus
5. Connie
6. Alex
7. Louis
8. Nadia
9. Sheila
10. Kaitlin
11. Roel
12. Katherine, Michal, and Christian are invited to come when they can, and please shoot out an email before they come to let us know, and don't make a habit of being only "sometimers" BUT we love dancing with you so much that we don't mind if you drop in as guests THIS TIME. : )

Sheila-Stories that we have about our bodies--telling/sharing of these stories. Body Mapping. History. Areas of the body/experience. Mechanics of different body parts. Bright places v. shadowy places. Where we tension. Would like to trace paper bodies to hang on the wall and to record histories/experiences on.
Lisa-The story of what you usually do with your body--everyday movements and how they inform your contact practice.
Alex-The individual experience v. others (ex. "the female experience")
Kaitlin-Suggests leaving 5 minutes at the end of each lab allotted to recording more information on our paper bodies. 
-Scott expressed interest in sometimes having the same leader for two weeks in a row for continuity's sake. Mike seconded.


CYRUS- please coordinate with Sheila about the Paper Bodies. Can we hang them in grassroots with painter's tape? Can we leave them up? If we can't, can we store them there perhaps rolled up in a corner? 

NADIA will acquire paper for the Paper Bodies.

EVERYONE will acquire nicknames by the end of this session. It has already been unanimously determined that Lisa is a "Starfish Fruit."

We have $700 in the lab fund. Woohoo!
Alex and Sheila volunteered to compile a list of possible retreat areas by the next lab luck (june 23). This list should include dance space dimensions and lodging options. Please send any locations you know of to Alex and Sheila for the list!