Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lab Luck Notes 6/27/16

Thank you Christian for hosting what was certainly one of the most delicious lab lucks of all time! The bounty of summer is here!

July 11-Aug 29 (No July 4th, No Aug 1st because of SFDI)

Next Potluck: Either on Sept 5th (labor day) or on Sept 12. Will figure out when people have firmed up labor day plans more.

For this session:
-No minimum commitment required. Come when you can!
-Invite your contact friends to come with you! Just let the group know by emailing first.
-Bring your 20 bucks when you come or use the cash app? Last night this was mentioned briefly but I didn't quite catch it. Who is collecting money this time? Also, I think if you bring a friend for a night they can just come as a guest and not pay, sound ok to everyone?

Theme: BRING IT. Whatever you got, whatever you want. This is the time to do that thing you've always thought would be cool but never seemed to fit into a theme. Or just something you think would be fun. 

If you want to do lab at an alternative location to Grassroots, just make sure the group has plenty of notice. Like a week. 

Documentation: Roel was great to put stuff on his website, and we are all interested in getting back into the habit of documenting, but agreed that the old blog would be the best place to do this because it's easy for everyone to post on it. I just sent "administrator" invites to those of you who weren't already administrators. As a reminder, the URL is http://seattlecilab.blogspot.com/

Roel will transfer his recent posts over to the blog. Katherine suggested that each session we have a rotating blog facilitator (so it's not so burdensome on one person) and that facilitators post some kind of documentation after facilitating. Also, sometimes we share articles, etc. through email, and those would be great things to post on the blog too because I don't know about you, but once things get a certain age in my inbox I never see them again. 
I will put these lab notes up there too.

Recap on last session: which was "messed up environments" basically
Started with a "what is normal?" lab. Other labs included "shrinking space" lab, blindfolded lab, a lab where some people had objects they had to be with, and a lab where all the normal grassroots furniture was moved to a new location. In general, people thought it was a successful session!

Other things: BIg thanks to Sheila for taking the initiative on the mirror and fronting the money. She is off to Earthdance but we will settle up when she gets back. 

Planning the Retreat (!!!!)
Sheila will email with confirmed dates and more details, but be sure to save October 27, 28, 29, and 30 for our lab retreat. 

Here is a brainstorming session on things we'd like to use retreat time for:
-Longer duration
-Things we can't do in our normal lab environment
-Activities that deepen connection with one another
-More academic, structured conversations
-Rigor and nurture. Pushing and replenishing.
-Risk in a safe environment--physical, emotional, etc. Maybe with mats? 
-How do you throw yourself at someone. How do you signal?
-Individual duet dance dates
-What are our questions?!?! Let's dig into something deeper!
-A common read beforehand that we can discuss while there.
-Underscore? Maybe first night?
-Discuss what barriers there are to non-CI dancers and how they think about CI. What are they afraid of?
-Music? Sheila has a contact on the island she can talk to.

Some logistical questions/thoughts:
-How do we organize meals? All together? One together a day? We prepare or meals the retreat center makes?
-Set times for dance time/break time because there are not so many of us and that way there are people to dance with when we want to dance.
-Who is bringing family members and what needs to happen to make that work?
-Should we bring hot tub???

Ok, big love,