Monday, March 19, 2018

Lab Notes Heart #1

***Disclaimer: my memory is not always great. If I've forgotten something just email me and I'll add it in***
"Heart" #1
Led by Connie

Connie, Kaitlin, Cyrus, Denise, Julius, Sheila, Hallie in attendance.

Began with eyes closed on the floor, Connie led us through guided meditation, touching base with the heart beat/pulse, through the face, chest, and low belly. Invited us to make way across floor. When you run into someone keep eyes closed and say hello with hands. Find each other's pulse, feel both pulses together. Then move on.
Walk through space, find human, settle into a hug. Get the hug you want to get, give the hug you want to give.
Rotating 4 minute duets
In stillness, connect to each other's pulse. Swiftly/softly tell your partner one thing in the past week that brought joy/comfort, and one thing that was hard or frustrating. Then dance the remainder of the time.
Whole group gathers with hands on one person's back, sensing heart beat. "It" person feels support, then moves through space however they like. They place their hands on someone else when finished to change 'it' person.
Open dancing.
Sheila leads next week. I will be gone, so I deputized Julius to take lab notes in my stead.

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